Metropolitan Open School
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Philosophy and Mission

We firmly believe that childhood is an entity unto itself—not a state of imperfect adulthood. We cherish our children for what they are, rather than for what they might become. We must then accept them and deal with them on their own terms. This genuine caring for a child as a human being leads us to an entirely different concept of education: one based on the child's needs rather than the school's or society's needs, and one which uses the child's needs, interests and abilities as the starting point for curriculum development.

By developing a personal plan for each child's learning, we aim at stimulating the development of a mature, self‐reliant, self‐motivated student—a person who is informed, but also capable of searching out and dealing with knowledge. By stressing the development of each individual, we equip our students with those skills necessary to survive in a world we cannot even imagine.

The MOS Experience

  • Children and their learning styles are respected
  • Children work at their own pace
  • Children strive for learning, not for grades
  • Children learn by doing
  • Curiosity is encouraged
  • Mixed ages complement learning. Mixed ages in the classroom provide younger students with a variety of tutors, while older students review and practice their skills, grow in responsibility, and gain healthier self-concepts
  • Choice develops self-reliance and motivation. Providing students with choices has been identified as a primary motivational tool that encourages learning


Each child is special. Each child is respected. Each has a carefully thought out educational program. That's the way school should be for every child. If you know someone who does or did attend Metro Open School you know a very lucky child. - Joan Petroff, parent of Metro Open School alumni

'It's like a big family,' said Ruth Carp, one of the founders of the school. Carp now serves as a full time teacher and administrator. Parent Mary Hanson agrees. 'it's kind of a homey environment,' she said. 'There is no substitute for that individual attention...I never expected to see 5 year olds playing chess,' Carp said. 'But we've seen the whole school playing chess and being quite good at it. - St. Louis Park Sun Sailor

My son graduated from high school as valedictorian of his class, my daughter graduated summa cum laude. Upon their graduation, my cousin asked if I attributed their success in high school to the many years they spent at Metro Open School getting a foundation. I wholeheartedly agreed that they were very prepared for high school and gave full credit to Metro Open School. -Jeni Walker, parent of two Metro Open School alumni