Metropolitan Open School
3390 Library Lane | St. Louis Park, MN 55426 | 952.926.5552

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Metropolitan Open School (MOS) is a school with mixed ages—like a home school. Mathematics, science, reading, writing, social studies, French, music, art, dance, and knitting are taught by experienced teachers. MOS provides a non-traditional approach to education for kindergarten through junior high students that allows them to reach their highest achievement levels.

Through a comprehensive, integrated approach to learning, we develop students' innovative critical thinking skills and their sense of social responsibility. We believe in educating the whole child. To accomplish this, we supplement in school work with nearly weekly field trips, including to nature centers, museums, historic sites, zoos, and the MN Landscape Arboretum, as well as attending plays and music and dance performances. Additionally, every year the students put on a holiday program that includes singing, dancing, and acting.

Our diverse student population has come from all over the Twin Cities area. MOS offers reduced tuition to all families that qualify for this support.


Each child is special. Each child is respected. Each has a carefully thought out educational program. That's the way school should be for every child. If you know someone who does or did attend Metro Open School you know a very lucky child. - Joan Petroff, parent of Metro Open School alumni

'It's like a big family,' said Ruth Carp, one of the founders of the school. Carp now serves as a full time teacher and administrator. Parent Mary Hanson agrees. 'it's kind of a homey environment,' she said. 'There is no substitute for that individual attention...I never expected to see 5 year olds playing chess,' Carp said. 'But we've seen the whole school playing chess and being quite good at it. - St. Louis Park Sun Sailor

My son graduated from high school as valedictorian of his class, my daughter graduated summa cum laude. Upon their graduation, my cousin asked if I attributed their success in high school to the many years they spent at Metro Open School getting a foundation. I wholeheartedly agreed that they were very prepared for high school and gave full credit to Metro Open School. -Jeni Walker, parent of two Metro Open School alumni

MOS Provides:

  • Small classes of a maximum of eight students to one teacher that allow for individual and small group instruction in an interactive, supportive, personalized environment
  • A full academic curriculum for K-Jr. High with reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art, music, French, and physical education
  • Teachers who believe that the foundation for learning is the caring, trusting relationship between student and teacher
  • An environment that nurtures curiosity, creativity, cooperation, and responsibility
  • On-going assessment of each student's strengths and needs to assist teachers, students, and parents in working together to ensure that students reach their full potential
  • An social skills that nurture each student's self-esteem and foster kindness and respect toward others
  • A commitment to our students' health and fitness through activities that aid skill development, self-confidence and teamwork
  • An appreciation of the arts and sciences through visiting museums and nature centers, and attending concerts and plays during weekly field trips
  • Opportunities for parents to be fully involved in their child's education
  • Regular P.E., dance, and art classes